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Italy’s wine country

The definition of a Journey:

  1. traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time
  2. period of travel
  3. passage or progress from one stage to another

Hello we are Mr. and Mrs. LostInJourney. We’re on a journey to financial independence so that someday we can travel non-stop and see the world, one place at a time. The travel bug hit us the first time we went to Jamaica for a spring break trip. It just escalated from there: we traveled to Switzerland for work, Saint Lucia for our honeymoon, and Italy just because it was on our bucket list. We’ve been to 11 different countries in the 10 years that we’ve known each other, and it seems like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the world has to offer.

All we knew was that we loved to travel, but we had no idea that it could be a realistic way of living. Until we stumbled across the concept of Financial Independence on our way back from a snowboarding trip in Big Sky, February 2014. It was on the 16 hour drive home to Minneapolis that Mr. LIJ played a Mad Fientist podcast where he interviewed Billy and Akaisha from Retire Early Lifestyle. We were instantly hooked on the idea of freedom from our jobs and traveling the world at a relatively young age (instead of at the ‘normal’ age of retirement around 65).

Mr. LIJ immersed himself in the financial independence, retire early (FIRE) community, soaking up everything he could learn from the likes of Mr. Money MustacheMad Fientist, and Go Curry Cracker. One thing was clear: we needed to get rid of our debt and reduce our spending. Following Dave Ramsey’s philosophy of The Total Money Makeover, he quickly set us on a path towards being debt free and living below our means. He paid off my remaining student and car loans, cut most of our unnecessary expenses like cable TV, and started putting more money towards the mortgage and our investments. At the time, we lived in a 3,800 sq ft house that he built in 2006.

I had a much harder time with the concept of reduced spending than he did. I was on board with the end goal of Financial Independence, but had a difficult time with the idea of sacrificing now, for the overall objective that seemed so far away. I eventually came around (after being forced to listen to endless podcasts against my will).  I still occasionally need to be reminded of the end goal ;).

We’ve been on this journey for 3 years now, and have outlined our plan here. We both make decent money at jobs that consume too much of our time, and now live well below our means (we have lived in a 700 sq ft. 1 bedroom apartment for the past 2 years) in order to save as much as possible. Our current philosophy: work hard, save hard, and travel as much as our current career’s will allow. Our current residence is in Minneapolis.

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