July 2017 Financial Update

Update for July 2017:

This is way late but still wanted to post… The big news is we hit our savings goal already this year.

What are our goals?

2017 Savings: 103.6% to goal (+6.5% monthly change)

Goal! Even though we hit our goal we will continue to save.

2017 Spending: 53% to budget (+7% monthly change)

Right on track, hopefully we can come in under our spending goal for the year.

2017 Giving: 50% to goal (+11% monthly change)

Another big month of giving due to our continued downsizing of “stuff”.

Financial Independence: 51.3% to goal (+7.3% yearly change)

The market now fluctuates this more than our savings can… It is a good feeling when the market goes up but gut-wrenching when we have large dips in the market.

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