April 2017 Financial Goal update

Tax Dependent

Update for April 2017:

What are our Goals?

2017 Savings Goal: 87% (-20% monthly change)

See below why this dropped so much.

2017 Spending Goal: 58% (+33% monthly change)

So our spending was actually right on par this month except for 2 big transactions:

  1. Uncle Sam hit us harder than we were expecting this year. We are DINKS (dual-income-no-kids) with no deductions so taxes kill us every year. This year was especially bad because our taxable investment income has started to rise along with some fully-vested stock options that I cashed-out on. We don’t include this payment in our spending percentage, as we should not have these types of tax bills in retirement.
  2. We purchased a car. We did, however purchased it with cash, and saved around $10k by going with a used, salvage title. This is our first salvage title car so we will see if we regret it (front-end cosmetic damage, no structural damage…so they say).

2017 Giving Goal:  14% (0% monthly change)

We need to find a good local cause that we can donate to. We would really like to help Veterans, so if anyone has any suggestions we would love to hear them.

Financial Independence Goal: 48% (+4% yearly change)

Our portfolio was up this month which pretty much canceled out the extra spending from taxes and the car purchase. (That is a pretty good feeling)

How are your 2017 Goals coming along?


Tax Dependent

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