Off The Beaten Path in Mittenwald Germany

The Alps, Mittenwald

Mittenwald is a sleepy little German town set in the Bavarian Alps that is a bit isolated and off the beaten path. Tucked into an Alpine valley, the scenery around you is breathtaking from the first step you take outside the train station.

Arriving in Mittenwald

We took one of the 8 direct trains that leave from the Innsbruck Main station headed for Mittenwald. The view from the train as it climbs up the Austrian Alps on your hour-long journey is amazing. Make sure to turn around and enjoy the backdrop as you leave the train station in Mittenwald.

Mittenwald train station
Mittenwald train station

We stayed at the Alpenrose Hotel, which is located on the main street in Mittenwald. The hotel was a 10-15 min. walk from the train station over cobblestone roads; not the best for roller bags, but still doable. It was a nice little hotel with friendly staff and a good restaurant on the main floor. They served a great breakfast daily that was included in our nightly rate; lots of variety.

Enjoying a beer on the Alpenrose patio.

What to do

Leutaschklamm / Geisterklamm

This is a great hike that is an easy walk from the center of town; roughly a 20 min. walk from the Alpenrose hotel. Once outside of town, there were a variety of path options to chose from. We took one that headed up a fairly steep climb then circled back to the gorge where we eventually hit suspended metal platforms (not for the faint of heart). The platforms hug the sheer cliffs of the gorge and are a mesh grate, so you have clear (and sometimes terrifying) views of the river below. They have put a lot of work into these structures and it’s a hike that should not be missed if you are in Mittenwald.  The hike took us about 1.5 hrs with another 40 mins. to and from town.

Leutaschklamm / Geisterklamm Hike
Leutaschklamm / Geisterklamm Hike
Leutaschklamm / Geisterklamm Hike

Mittenwald Brewery

The brewery is really more a restaurant that serves beer. The beer was good (like most the beer in Germany) and the food was so-so. In fact, we decided (as a large bus full of tourist showed up for lunch) that it was more of a tourist trap than anything

Cable Car

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for us while we were in Mittenwald so we were not able to do this, but we heard it is worth the time and the cost.

Where to eat

Das Marktrestaurant

Quite possibly the best food we had in all of Germany and Austria. Das Marktrestaurant is a little gem right on the main street that features an innovative French menu. We went with the Chef’s tasting menu which was a formal five-course experience and was a pretty reasonable price (€60 Euro/$65 USD). Each course looked like a piece of art and tasted even better. The Chef, Andreas Hillejan, often greets diners at their table just to see how your evening went. He’s not looking for affirmation that his food is good however; he’s well aware of that :).

Das Marktrestaurant
Das Marktrestaurant

Although a bit off the beaten path, Mittenwald is a beautiful little town that is totally worth the trip.



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