March 2017 Financial Goals Update

Update for March:

Yikes this is way late…. I started a new gig so that has been taking up a bunch of my extra time.

2017 Savings Goal: 107% (+28% monthly change)

With the job change came some extra payouts… Since we hit our goal so early in the year the new goal is 200% this year 🙂

2017 Spending Goal: 25% (+12% monthly change)

Spending was up this month. The reason is because season tickets were due…go Vikes! (Insert picture of money burning)

2017 Giving Goal:  14% (4% monthly change)

This is pathetic….need to fix this. Also I think I need to set a “Time donated” goal.

Financial Independence Goal: 48% (+4% yearly change)

I think the “Trump” rally has skidded to a halt…let’s see if our savings can make up for what the market does. Just have to keep reminding myself investing is a marathon…not a sprint.


Next post will be on how to move an old 401K to an IRA…. need to do that asap.

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