Patong Street Food

Patong street market

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Thai Street food, what can I say … meat on a skewer BBQ’ed over an open coal flame, spicy wok fried noodles with vegetables and chicken, all served with a tall cold Chang Beer? Yes please.

Fire at the Market making Street Food
Malin Plaza Market at night

We had many wonderful nights wandering the streets of Patong trying the local street food. With every corner we took it seemed the smells and sounds of street vendors would multiply. We were told that Patong food is about 40-50% more expensive than in some of the cheaper parts of Thailand such as Chiang Mai and Chang Rai, but we still found excellent meals at prices unheard of in the US.

Sample Cost of Street Food

A skewer of chicken or pork ran about 100BHT ($2.85 USD) in the night market, and was about 50BHT ($1.40 USD) from a street cart.

Fish and seafood varied from 50BHT ($1.40 USD) for a skewer of squid to 900BHT ($25 USD) for lobster.

Pad Thai or similar stir fried noodles were 100BHT($2.85 USD).

Not in the mood for Thai food? A chicken euro was only 100BHT ($2.85 USD).

A large Chang beer was about 120BHT in the street market ($3.40 USD), and 80BHT ($2.26 USD) from a 7-Eleven convenience store.

Seafood and Fish Street Food
Fresh Seafood and Fish

The one item that we found relatively expensive was wine: ~300BHT ($8.50USD) per glass. This tends to be common in countries that don’t produce wine locally as it can be expensive to import. My wife is a wino and struggled to find a nice glass of her favorite: Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

The colors, smells and sounds of a Patong night food market were something we were in awe of because we just don’t have access to them where we live. It truly was a fantastic experience and we look forward to returning.





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