Speed Boat Tour of the Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands offer some of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen. The islands are off the coast of Phuket (about an hour southeast via speedboat) and are a popular tourist spot, so head there as early as you can.

Tour logistics

We toured around the islands with a company called Phuket Sail Tours. The day included a shuttle to and from our hotel, speed boat trip out to the islands, exploration of several beaches, dramatic views, and lunch for $3,900 BAT (120 USD) per person.

We were picked up at our resort in Patong at 6:00am and after an hour long drive across Phuket, we arrived at the marina on the east side of the island. The tour guide spoke perfect English and the whole team was very friendly. This particular company doesn’t offer beer on the boat so if you’d like any, purchase it from the marina before departing.

Tour stops

Stop #1

Our first stop was the famous Maya Beach on Ko Phi Phi Le, where the movie “The Beach” (with Leonardo DiCarprio) was filmed in 2000. It has become a very popular spot ever since the movie was released so our tour guide decided to start there, hoping to avoid some of the crowds. It’s worth the effort though; it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Maya Beach, Phi Phi Islands


Maya Beach, Phi Phi Islands


Stop #2:

A small swim hole called Pileh Lagoon (still on Ko Phi Phi Le), which was somewhat less busy, but equally as dramatic. Everyone took turns jumping off the front of the boat into the beautiful aqua marine colored waters.

Piley Lagoon, Phi Phi Islands


Stop #3

We headed to another island in the cluster of the Phi Phi Islands called Monkey Island where as the name suggests, a lot of wild monkeys live. They have learned to hang out in one particular bay where tour boats stop to feed them fruit, which of course we had to check out.

Stop #4

We stopped for lunch on the main island of Ko Phi Phi Don. We were provided a delicious traditional Thai meal right on the beach. Afterwards we wandered around the handful of small resorts and beach bars on the island.

Final Stop

Bamboo Island (where there aren’t actually any bamboo trees) for some r&r on the beach before heading back.

Bamboo Island Beach, Phi Phi Islands
View from a beach on Bamboo Island


Overall, this speedboat tour of the Phi Phi Islands was a fantastic way to see the beautiful landscapes that Thailand is so well known for.


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